Swedish Energy Agency’s

A brief outline of the innovative Swedish SME?s

  1. Metrum Sweden AB – Offers next generation module based systems and power quality solutions.(www.metrum.se)
  2. Mimer Energy – Develops Geothermal Systems for commercial and industrial applications (www.mimerenergy.com)
  3. Opcon – Offers low grade waste heat recovery system for power generation (www.opcon.se)
  4. PPAM SOLKRAFT – Develops high quality photovoltaic modules that can be used on buildings instead of glass panels (www.ppamsolkraft.se)
  5. Regin – Regin offers smart energy solutions for all kinds of applications including energy efficient building automation, advanced SCADA systems, sensors and transmitters. (www.regincontrols.com)
  6. S-Solar – Offers Swedish-engineered, high quality photovoltaic modules that can be used on buildings instead of glass panels (http://en.ssolar.com)
  7. Torkapparater AB – Designs and sells turnkey systems with rotary dryers, kilns and coolers for thermal processing of solid materials. (www.torkapparater.se)
  8. World Thermal Service AB – Manufacturing company, specialized in wood powder combustion solutions. (www.wtsab.se)

EU formally suspends most Belarus sanctions

The EU formally suspended most sanctions against Belarus on Thursday. Brussels cited “improving relations” after President Aleksandr Lukashenko released all remaining political prisoners, AFP reported. “This decision was taken in response to the release of all Belarusian political prisoners on 22 August,” the EU statement said.

 An Independent Clergy & Laity Partnership Initiative  Issue: No 2359   30-10-2015
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Romans 12:1

“ Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship.”

City Harvest Church members support Pastor Kong Hee

City Harvest Church members support Pastor Kong Hee

Singapore, October 28, 2015: City Harvest Church-affiliated website City News has published a video showing congregants of the Singaporean megachurch voicing their support for Pastor Kong Hee despite the recent guilty verdict. “Of course I am very saddened by the news because my heart cries out for all of them very much, but most important …

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Maulana Azad Minorities Finance & Development Corporation comes up with loan schemes

Maulana Azad Minorities Finance & Development Corporation comes up with loan schemes

Mumbai, May 13, 2008: Now the lower income groups among the minorities need not worry about getting a loan for education or business as the Maulana Azad Minorities Financial Development Corporation (MAMFDC) has got huge funds for the purpose. MAMFDC is a channelizing agency of National Minorities Development & Finance Corporation, a Government of India …

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Malegaon 2008 Blasts: NIA’s plea for custodial interrogation of accused pending in SC for 4 years

Malegaon 2008 Blasts: NIA’s plea for custodial interrogation of accused pending in SC for 4 years

Mumbai, October 29, 2015: India’s most elite anti-terror investigation team, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) which was established specifically to probe terror-related cases and was assigned investigation of Malegaon 2008 blasts by the UPA government in 2011, never had a chance for custodial interrogation of any of the accused in the case. On September 29, …

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The great Indian silence trick

The great Indian silence trick

Kochi, October 26, 2015: Indian media in the past month have been replete with news and opinions about how fast Indians are growing in their intolerance for differences, and how violently dissidents are attacked and even annihilated. On Oct. 19, for example, Abdul Rashid Sheikh, a member of the Jammu and Kashmir state legislative assembly …

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Crucified for Christ in Syria

Crucified for Christ in Syria

Syria, September 28, 2015: Christians in Syria are being killed in ISIS. They are being crucified in public. They are being terrorized. So far the charity, the Barnabas Fund, has liberated 158 Christians from Syria and found them a new home in Poland. Its founder and international director Patrick Sookhdeo has recently returned from a …

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ISIS hostage feels ‘born again’ after witnessing christian captives’ strong faith

ISIS hostage feels ‘born again’ after witnessing christian captives’ strong faith

Syria, October 28, 2015: A Syrian priest who was held captive for months by the Islamic State terror group before being released said he was kept in an underground dormitory with 250 other Christians who refused to convert to Islam despite being pressured every day. “The Christians were often questioned about their faith and about …

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Son for 50 pence

Son for 50 pence

Several years ago, a preacher from a distant town accepted a call from a Church in Leeds. Some weeks after his arrival, he had an appointment that made him to board a bus to another part of the town. When he sat down,  he discovered that the driver had mistakenly given him his balance in …

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Rey Interactive
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Intercession, Awareness, Activism, Action …

This e-journal specifically highlights and documents persecution and violation of human rights of Christians, Minorities, Schedule Caste/Tribes and Other Backwards, urging you to at least – PRAY. Our aim is to identify fundamentalists and those disrupting communal harmony and indigenous communities – posing a threat to a just, equal, plural and secular citizenry. We oppose any kind of discrimination and oppression, whether of race, religion, culture, gender etc. specially when it comes from some of our own. Please pray for the following local, state, national, regional and international situations.

Editor-in-Chief: Joseph Dias  

ALTERNATIVE NUMBER ONE : There is a mind, a body, and a soul.



Looks like one of the following must be true:
1) There is a Mind, a body, and a soul
2) There is a Mind and a body ( but no soul )
Lets discuss :

At first let me specify the initial condition … which is : “Immortality of consciousness“… ie ..“We are forever conscious… as we were unconscious of our unconscious tenures if any“
This initial condition is very much necessary … on the premise …that we don`t remember ever asking the question : `Where is the universe for me?`

ALTERNATIVE NUMBER ONE : There is a mind, a body, and a soul.

That the `I` in me is a soul. It has a permanent identity. But this `I` which is identified with my brain does not include a mind of its own. That mind is not the exclusive property of the `I` of the brain. That `mind` is available to all the `I`s of all the brains, and is common to all. It is always on the lookout for an appropriate biochemistry to give itself consciousness, and life. “We all have the same mind“… Its just that our consciousness is always in the singular. On the other hand, the soul … is indeed the exclusive property of the `I` of the brain. It is extended in space. It is `matter` but of a different kind in the sense that the events in time and space that take place inside a living organism ..which contains a `soul` …are unaccounted for by the normal laws of physics and chemistry.
So when did `I` ie my Soul first arrive in this universe ? …
We can only speculate : Perhaps the souls were manufactured in Supernovas and assembled in the aftermath. The smallest constituent parts viz the Quarks arrived in the very first microsecond… In no time at all, they combined in sets of three to form Protons and neutrons.. before the first second was over they fused with each other to form Nuclei. The electrons joined them about 300 000 years later and atoms were formed. At first they were atoms of Helium and Hydrogen only. They travelled in space for millions of years before joining a star which was about to die as a Supernova. Nucleosynthesis was the process in that Industry ( The Supernova) where the other categories of atoms were manufactured such as Carbon, Oxygen, Nitogen, etc etc. .. And after the Supernova explosion .. at first they were dismembered into their original state (Quarks), later they coalesced to form molecular units .. in a precise ultra strong binding force.. in a precise mix..under a precise environment.. at a precise temperature… all as fixed by the programmers. Of course only an insignificantly small component of matter would have such good luck.. the rest would be ordinary matter …going into tables and chairs etc.
And so the souls were formed… and they travelled in space in search of biochemistries that gave them consciousness. Once experienced in this venture.. the souls had no difficulty in subsequent searches for obtaining consciousnesses.. and so they are forever conscious.
This is of course philosophy… by no means impossible for souls to be formed this way … or any other way …but rather difficult to believe.
And why is it ( the soul ) required ? … except to satisfy our egos… Or is it a motivation to perform better in life ?… but whats the use ?… we are not going to remember anything of our past lives…
Besides … the initial condition.. Immortality of consciousness` … can very well be taken care of in the second alternative.
But there is one problem … a certain paradox that is difficult to resolve without this `soul` … we`ll come to that when we discuss the second alternative.

ALTERNATIVE NUMBER TWO : There is a Mind and there is a body ( but no soul)
(to be continued in Part two)

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Surendra Kumar Sagar
Surendra Kumar Sagar PART TWO:
ALTERNATIVE NUMBER TWO : There is a Mind and there is a body ( but no soul)
In this alternative … the Mind is all in all…the singular as well as the plural..the part as well as the whole.. Each alternative ensures immortality. Here too the co
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Naresh Kumar Sagar
Naresh Kumar Sagar Material and spiritual r two ends of lifestick

Naresh Kumar Sagar
Naresh Kumar Sagar One has to experience the two simultaneously to get over intuitive science which come effortlessly Just an opinion

Naresh Kumar Sagar
Naresh Kumar Sagar Hope not disturbing my bigbrotheren

Surendra Kumar Sagar
Surendra Kumar Sagar Not at all NKS… and thanks for your comments

Naresh Kumar Sagar
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Ray Tomes
Ray Tomes The Buddha said that there is a mind and a body but there is nothing permanent.

Naresh Kumar Sagar
Naresh Kumar Sagar Veda-Gita put soul as permanent & perennial on which depends the entire spiritual structure thus more than half of world may not be able to reach the subtle cosmos

Ray Tomes
Ray Tomes The subtle cosmos is impermanent also, it just has longer time periods.

Naresh Kumar Sagar
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Naresh Kumar Sagar
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International Day to End Impunity of Crimes against Journalists

2 November 2015


Message of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon


Today we remember the journalists and media workers who have been killed in the line of duty. More than 700 journalists have been killed in the last decade — one every five days — simply for bringing news and information to the public.

Many perish in the conflicts they cover so fearlessly. But all too many have been deliberately silenced for trying to report the truth. Only 7 per cent of such cases are resolved, and less than 1 crime out of 10 is even fully investigated.

Such impunity deepens fear among journalists and enables Governments to get away with censorship. We must do more to combat this trend and make sure that journalists can report freely. Journalists should not have to engage in self-censorship because they fear for their life.

The International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly to highlight the urgent need to protect journalists, and to commemorate the assassination of two French journalists in Mali on 2 November, 2013.

I applaud UNESCO [United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization] for spearheading the United Nations Plan of Action on the Safety of Journalists and the Issue of Impunity — a powerful mechanism joining the efforts of United Nations agencies, Governments, civil society, academia and the media.

Together, we must end the cycle of impunity and safeguard the right of journalists to speak truth to power.

World Cities Day

31 October 2015


Message of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon


The theme of this year’s observance of World Cities Day — “Designed to Live Together”– highlights the key role of urban design in building sustainable, socially integrated and prosperous urban environments.

Good design can help tackle climate change. It reduces the impacts of disaster. It can help make our cities safer, cleaner, and more equal and integrative. It promotes equal access to services, jobs and opportunities, and fosters contentment.

The challenges of rapid urbanization figure prominently in the newly adopted 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Goal 11 embodies a commitment to “make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable”. And as part of an integrated agenda, cities and human settlements have an important role to play across the 17-goal spectrum.

The United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development, Habitat III, to be held in Quito, Ecuador in October 2016, is an opportunity to discuss a New Urban Agenda that can harness the power and forces behind urbanization and mobilize them for the common good.

Cities and human settlements are places we live, share, create, build and dream together. Let us use good design to make them sustainable, inclusive and prosperous for all.

Julian Wirtz dominates third task of AAI Paragliding World Cup

PWC Day 5 b

Xevi Bonet Dalmau leads overall after three tasks with 2344 points 

Bir Billing, October


: After playing the waiting game for the last two days, paragliding legend, Julian Wirtz, came into his own to claim the top honours in the third task of the AAI Paragliding World Cup here on Thursday. Among the Indians Ajay Kumar from Manali put behind the disappointing show during the second task yesterday to emerge as the top Indian finisher on the fifth day of the championship.On a day when the weather conditions were near perfect for flying during the first part of the day, 116 pilots attempted to complete the day’s task of 93.33km that included eight turnaround points. During the second half of today’s task, some low clouds after the Dharamshala turnaround made things interesting for the pilots. Out of those who took the start today, 97 pilots completed the third task of the AAI Paragliding world Cup.

“After yesterday, today’s task turned out to be a bit easy. We wanted the pilots to enjoy the task and the conditions were good for flying,” said meet director, Debu Choudhury.

True to his reputation, Wirtz who finished the second task in 12th place (838points) blitzed the speed section of 83.05km in 2hr: 46min 41 sec. A very consistent pilot, Wirtz has been World No. 1 for almost 20 weeks in last seven months. For today’s performance, the French ace pocketed 995 points, pushing his total to 2294 points. He came into the AAI Paragliding World Cup at No. 4, holding a narrow lead over Maxine Pinot in fifth and Jurij Vidic of Slovenia in sixth place in the world rankings. Wirtz finished in second place at the Portugal World Cup earlier this year and was third in the in the 2014 Superfinals in Turkey in 2014.

Matt Senior from New Zealand upped his game considerably performing the third task that saw him taking the second spot with a total of 963 points for the day. Maxime Pinot, who won the first task, but had a bad outing yesterday, staged a great recovery to finish in third place with a haul of 962 points.

Molek, who finished the second task in 15 place, gained a handful of places on the leaderboard after today’s performance that earned him 961 points to claim fourth.

Yesterday’s winner, Xevi Bonet Dalmau, had an off day as he lost some speed in the last part of the speed section. The Spaniard finished way down the order in 18th place with 940 points for the day. But he can draw some solace from the fact that with a total haul of 2344 points from three tasks he leads the overall leaderboard after three tasks.

After the horrors of the second task, the Indian pilots staged a good recovery on the fifth day of the championship. Ajay Kumar finished the day in 48th place with a total time of 2hr 59min 28sec for which he collected 845 points. India’s one of the most experienced pilots, Gurpreet Dhindsa completed the third task in 64th place to take home 750 points. Local pilot, Arvind Paul, who enjoys considerable support in these parts, was third best among Indians. He completed the task in 71st place to add 721points to his kitty.

“It’s was very good day for flying and I am quite happy with today’s performance after what happened yesterday. The first part of the speed section was pretty good, but things got a bit rough in the second part after the Dharamshala turnaround when low clouds made for choppy wind conditions,” said Kumar at the end of the day. 

Among the women, Yuki Sato further consolidated her place on the top of the leaderboard with yet another first place finish. She completed the flight course in 3hr 4min 49sec. Petra Slivova from Czech Republic finished the day in second place with a time of 3hr 17min 13sec, while Yael Margelisch came home in third place with a total time of 3hr 22min 42sec. 

Provisional Results:


Julian Writz (FRA)– 995 points

Matt Senior (NZL)–963

Maxime Piont (FRA) –962

Joze Molek (SVN) — 961

Guy Anderson (GBR) –960


48. Ajay Kumar – 845 points

64. Gurpreet Dhindsa — 750

71. Arvind Paul — 721


Yuki Sato (JPN) – 805

Petra Slivova (CZH) — 722

Yael Margelisch (CHE) — 696

Task 3 (Day 5)

Window Open: 1110 hrs

Window Close: 1310 hrs

Race start: 1210 hrs

Task distance: 93.33km

Name  Leg Distance (in KM)     |     Total Distance (in KM)

Billing launch  — |  —

Kujur Top .32 | .32

Kujur Top 6.56 | 6.88

Tashijong Ridge 13.56 | 20.44

Dholta Ridge 15.75 | 36.19

Dharamshala 16.61 | 52.8

Second Antenna 30.25 | 83.05

Kujur Top — | —

Bir Sunset Landing 10.88 | 93.33

Warm Regards,
Anuj Kumar Boruah
Young Monk Communications
M: +91 99583 72662

Statement from Volkswagen Group India

Pune/Mumbai, October 29, 2015: Volkswagen Group India representatives have met Government of India – Ministry of Heavy Industries and ARAI today, on 29th October 2015 and have updated them on the evaluations so far on the ongoing emissions issue with reference to India.

Since there is a complex combination of several brands, various models, different engine variants and gearboxes as well as different model years that need to be analysed, establishing detailed facts is taking a longer time.

Volkswagen Group India will present its results from the evaluations by the end of November 2015. During this period, the company representatives will stay in regular touch with ARAI to keep the authorities updated on the analysis. The next steps will depend on the findings from these evaluations.

Meanwhile, Volkswagen Group India would like to assure that all vehicles in the customers’ hands remain technically safe and roadworthy.

October 29, 2015

Mr Naresh Kumar Sagar
Enkaysagar Holdings Pvt Ltd.
New Delhi
Dear Mr Sagar,
This is to inform you that FICCI is organizing a multi-sectoral delegation to Cambodia and Lao PDR from December 07th-11th, 2015.
Cambodia and Lao PDR are very important countries in terms of significant potential market for Indian SMEs.  During the recent visit by the Hon’ble Vice President of India, Shri Hamid Ansari to Cambodia and PDR in September 2015, in his interaction with the Cambodia and Lao PDR leadership he mentioned that Cambodia and Lao PDR offers opportunities for trade and investment by Indian industry specially SMEs. Also, it is expected that India and ASEAN free trade in services will be ratified very soon which will further widen the scope of our bilateral trade with the above countries.
The broad objective the proposed delegation is to facilitate business contacts between Indian businessmen and their counterparts in Cambodia and Lao PDR and to understand each other’s needs, capabilities; explore investment opportunities, technology transfer, promotion of joint ventures, etc. Besides promotion of Indian SMEs’ exports and increase market access, Indian companies can also use these countries as a base to access ASEAN & CLMV Markets.
Some of the potential sectors for trade and investment in these countries identified with the help of Indian Mission are agro machinery & processing, plantation, construction, footwear, medical equipment, mining, pharmaceuticals, rice milling, rubber, solar & hydropower projects, textiles, wood & wood processing, travel & tourism, services etc.
Given the importance of the visit, opportunities offered by these countries and your business interests, I request you to be part of this delegation. To meet the part of the secretarial expenses a delegation fee of Rs. 30,000/- for both countries and Rs. 25,000/- for one country is being charged per participant. Please note that the fee does not cover the airfare, hotel accommodation, local transportation, food, etc. of the participants. In case you are preoccupied, you may kindly nominate a senior representative from your company to join this delegation.
In pursuant to provide global outreach to SMEs, we have put up a proposal to Ministry of MSME for subsidizing the economy class shortest excursion air fare for participating MSMEs having SSI/EM2 registration certificate. If the proposal gets through 100% economy class excursion air fare (shortest route) from the Ministry of MSME will be reimbursed for participating MSME in this delegation.Companies not having SSI/EM2 registration certificate may not be able to avail this subsidy but are welcome to join the delegation.
The detailed programme of the meetings and other logistics regarding the visit are being worked out & will be communicated to the participants on receiving their interest in joining the delegation. (Tentative Programme structure is enclosed) (click here to download).
In case you are interested in joining the delegation, I shall greatly appreciate if you could confirm your participation to my colleague Deepesh Sharma (T: 011-23487260 (D) E: cmsme@ficci.com ) latest by November 05, 2015 by sending the attached registration proforma (click here to download). He could also be contacted for any further clarifications you may have.
Look forward to your response and with regards
Hemant Seth
Treasurer – FICCI-CMSME &
Additional Director, FICCI
Empowering MSMEs
Federation House, Tansen Marg, New Delhi 110 001
T: +91-11-23487307
F: +91-11-23320714
M: +91-9811615552
W: www.ficci-cmsme.com
P Please be conscious of the environment; print this e-mail only if necessary
Veenu Arora's photo.

GBO New Delhi is looking for an intern

Dear Friends,

The GBO New Delhi is looking for an intern with immediate effect for an upcoming project. Interested applicant should be prepared to work in a fast-paced team environment, and will finish the internship having gained broad experience in various aspects of event management.

Duration of internship: 16th November 2015 – 16th April 2016
What you have to offer:
Graduate in any discipline
Excellent communication skills: Speaks clearly and persuasively in positive or negative situations; listens attentively and seeks clarification; Responds well to questions; Ability to draft error-free creatives
Adept at Social Media promotion
Demonstrated sales and marketing skills
Communicative and social competence
Independent and solution-driven way of working as well as creativity
Proficient in MS Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook, Power Point
Expertise with design tools is an added plus
Your tasks would include:
Create and maintain lists, responses, and a FAQ database
Assist in the distribution of marketing materials
Assist with promotion of marketing offers
Sales driven telecommunication and tailor each call to audience needs
Perform analysis of marketing and sales data
Assisting in execution of trade events organized by GBO New Delhi
We offer you excellent working conditions in an international environment and stipend as per industry norms. Please send your resume until 6th November 2015 to grover@newdelhi.gbo.org.
Thanks and Regards

Saloni Grover | Project Coordinator
A-259 2nd Floor│ Defence Colony │ New Delhi 110024│ India
t +91 11 40201100
f +91 11 40201107
e grover@newdelhi.gbo.org

The German Book Office New Delhi is a joint venture between the Frankfurt Book Fair
And the Federal Foreign Office, Berlin.

Informations and details GBO New Delhi


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French Tennis Federation & All India Tennis Association announces second edition of Rendez-Vous à Roland-Garros in India

·      Country’s top 16 U-18 boys and girls will vie for a wildcard entry at the French Open Junior

·      AITA to lay down two clay courts at Delhi Lawn Tennis Association as a part of a Cooperation agreement with FFT 

New Delhi, 29th October 2015: The French Tennis Federation (FFT), organizers of the world’s premier clay court event – Roland-Garros (aka The French Open), in association with All India Tennis Association (AITA) today announced the second Indian edition of Rendez-Vous à Roland-Garros in partnership with Longines. Returning for the second consecutive year, the tournament is aimed at promoting young talents and grass-roots clay-court tennis in India. The competition will be held at newly laid clay-courts at the Delhi Lawn Tennis Association from February 8thuntil 12th 2016.


The tournament will see the best U-18 Indian players (boys and girls) compete for a chance to enter the Roland-Garros Junior draw in Paris in May 2016. The winners of the Indian leg will go on to face competitors from Brazil, South Korea and China in the playoffs in Paris and the eventual champions will get a wild card entry to the French Open Junior.


“India has an impressive talent pool at the junior level. The spirit and the passion of the contenders in the previous edition was very encouraging. We believe that India has what it takes to become a tennis powerhouse and that is the very reason why we are offering this unique experience to Indian players.” said Mr. Sam Primaut, FFT, Director of Development.


“Better infrastructure is particularly important for development of the sport. Keeping that in mind FFT and AITA have joined hands via a Cooperation agreement signed in April 2015. As a part of this commitment, AITA will build clay courts at the Delhi Lawn Tennis Association. It will give the closest experience of playing on the iconic clay surfaces of Paris and at the same time give a major boost to the Indian players aspiring to play at the French Open or any other clay court tournaments around the world,” Mr. Primaut added.


The clay court coming up at DLTA will be the first of its kind and the laying of the court is expected to roll-out in December 2015. The 2016 edition of Rendez-Vous à Roland-Garros will be the first competition to be played on it in the month of February. This will be a big advantage for the participating players, as it would condition them better for the Paris finale.


Welcoming the initiative, AITA president Mr. A.K. Khanna said he hopes that such endeavours will usher in a new era for Indian tennis.


“AITA extends its heartfelt gratitude towards FFT for giving us this opportunity to host Rendez-Vous à Roland-Garros for the second year in a row. To complement their efforts, we are committed to make clay courts accessible at the grass-roots level. With their technical assistance, AITA is laying new clay courts at the DLTA.” said Mr. Khanna. “It is in our core philosophy that a quality junior programme lays the foundation for success at the top level and endeavours like Rendez-Vous à Roland-Garros best reflect our thoughts in action.” 


Talking about the player’s participating in the tournament, Mr. Khanna added, “Our players got really close to getting the wild card last time which shows that they are capable of competing with the best in the business. I am confident that the upcoming winners will put up a good show, considering this year they will compete on clay courts and hopefully secure a wildcard entry to the French Open Junior next year.”


The tournament will see a tough playing field with top junior players from the country lining up to earn a ticket to Paris. In the boy’s category, Vasisht Vinod Cheruku, Aryan Goveas, BR Nikshep and last year’s runner up Alex Solanki will be the top contenders.


Boy’s champion from last edition Basil L. Khuma has fond memories of the tournament. “There is no better pathway to get a chance to play on best clay courts in the world. It was an experience of a lifetime in Paris and it definitely has made me a better player today,” said Khuma.


Girl’s competition will be evenly poised with Zeel Desai, defending champion Sathwika Sama along with last year’s finalist Jennifer Luikham headlining the event.


Talking about her experience in playing at the Rendez-Vous à Roland-Garros, Sathwika said, “The tournament is a great platform for junior players to earn a wildcard entry to the world’s most famous clay court tournament. I represented India the last time in Paris but missed out by a narrow margin to make the cut. But I am coming back this year with a renewed will to succeed and hopefully get into the main draw.”


About Roland-Garros

Both committed sports fans and the general public alike have come to love Roland-Garros. Some 463,328 spectators flocked to the highly prestigious French Open in 2015, and the tournament was also broadcast in 224 territories across the world, making it an event of truly global significance. Roland-Garros is run by the French Tennis Federation and held every year at the Porte d’Auteuil in Paris. It is the only Grand Slam to be played on clay – one of the oldest and most noble surfaces in the history of tennis.

About All India Tennis Association

All India Tennis Association is the National Federation for development and promotion of Indian Tennis.  It has a very strong and tiered junior tournament & ranking structure and a sound professional tournament structure for Men & Women.  AITA also has a sound coach’s education programme and is the only recognized nation in Asia to have the ITF Silver Certification.


Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) reaffirmed its view that the current 0 to 1/4 percent target range for the federal funds rate remains appropriate and suggested that economic activity has been expanding at a moderate pace.  FOMC further reiterated that household spending and business fixed investment have been increasing at solid rates in recent months, and the housing sector has improved further; however, net exports have been soft. The pace of job gains slowed and the unemployment rate held steady. Nonetheless, labor market indicators, on balance, show that underutilization of labor resources has diminished since early this year. Inflation has continued to run below the Committee’s longer-run objective, partly reflecting declines in energy prices and in prices of non-energy imports. Market-based measures of inflation compensation moved slightly lower.

Further, Consistent with its goal to foster maximum employment and price stability, the Committee expects that, with appropriate policy accommodation, economic activity will expand at a moderate pace, with labor market indicators continuing to move toward levels the Committee judges consistent with its dual mandate. The Committee anticipated Inflation to remain near its recent low level in the near term but the Committee expects inflation to rise gradually toward 2 percent over the medium term as the labor market improves further and the transitory effects of declines in energy and import prices dissipate. The Committee currently anticipates that, even after employment and inflation are near mandate-consistent levels, economic conditions may, for some time, warrant keeping the target federal funds rate below levels the Committee views as normal in the longer run.


Pune: Spark Minda, Ashok Minda Group in their continuous social upliftment programs has now started a new facility at Yerwada Jail, Pune to manufacture Wire Harness within the premises of Jail Authority for its esteemed Customer, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. This Public – Private Partnership project is a collaborative project between Minda SAI Ltd, Yerwada Central Prison Authority and Mahindra & Mahindra ltd.

Minda SAI Ltd is the Business Group Company and 100% subsidiary of Minda Corporation Limited, the flagship company of Spark Minda, Ashok Minda Group. Minda SAI Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of broad range of Wiring Harnesses, Battery Cables, Wiring Sets, connectors & terminals and Interior Plastic Components. The Company supplies to each vertical of the automotive world and Off-Road Vehicles.

The project kick started in February 2015, in which Minda SAI Ltd set up a manufacturing assembly and a production unit for the inmates at YCP. The Company has engaged around 30 inmates as of now and will be increasing the number in future. The YCP management has whole-heartedly supported Spark Minda, Ashok Minda Group for this socio-business initiative and has provided them an infrastructure on lease in the premises along with other facilities as per norms.

Spark Minda, Ashok Minda Group investment at Yerwada Jail includes machinery, raw material and other quality systems and procedures as per the policy and the facility is being run by Jail convicts under the supervision of Minda SAI officials. In this manufacturing unit, Wire Harness product, a key automotive component, will be manufactured by the Jail convicts and will be supplied to our Key Customer M&M. An MOU was signed between Yerwada Jail and Minda SAI on Feb 07, 2015 and production commenced in last week of Feb’15.


Speaking at the inauguration of the Wiring Harness assembly unit, Dr B K Upadhyay, Additional Director General Police & Inspector General Prison, Maharashtra State said, “It is an important day for us as Yerwada Central Prison has got the unique distinction of becoming the first jail in Maharashtra to get first of its kind modern wiring harness assembly unit at its premises. Reformation and Rehabilitation of prisoners has always been our core focus area and we undertake various activities to develop skill sets of the inmates. This Wiring Harness Assembly unit set up by Minda SAI Ltd, a business group company of Spark Minda, Ashok Minda Group, and supported by Mahindra and Mahindra will go a long way in providing the perfect platform to enhance the skill sets of the inmates and enable them to earn their livelihood. I am thankful to the entire team of Minda SAI Ltd and Mahindra & Mahindra for taking up this noble cause.”


Speaking on the occasion Mr. N.K Taneja, Group Chief Marketing Officer, Spark Minda, Ashok Minda Group said “It is imperative that for bringing an effective change in the society, every section that belongs to it is thought and taken care of. We, at Spark Minda, Ashok Minda Group had consciously decided to encourage the change in the inmate’s lives and this is our 3rdinitiative that we set up at Yerwada Jail after Tihar Jail in 2004, New Delhi and Dresden Jail, Germany in 2005. The YCP authorities have been very cooperative and encouraging in providing the necessary approvals for the venture. We are pleased to get this opportunity and we also sincerely thank M&M for their support for this noble cause. We just hope that our small fervor to help these inmates change their outlook towards life and give them a chance to carry further respectably and will render the outcome that we wish for. Also, we have, through this venture, tried to contribute in our way to the Skill Development mission of the government”.

As the joint partner in the initiative Mahindra & Mahindra, Vice President –SSBU, Mr Nitin Tikle said, “Mahindra is very happy with this initiative of Spark Minda, Ashok Minda Group. It is in line with Mahindra’s Rise philosophy of Driving Positive Change in the lives of our stake holders. We will continue to support this initiative and we wish them all the best in their venture.” 

The Quality check within the jail authority is also given a very special standpoint; the Company has placed checker board for 100% inspection of the product and Circuit checking and Visual inspection of harness for final inspection before dispatch from YCP unit to M&M. These check points cross check the quality of each and every product in the same way as it is done in the official production unit of the company.

Just to keep the quality level of the product excellent, the company also conducts preliminary test and inspection by Doctors for color blindness test, which is must for operators to work in wiring harness manufacturing. This product is then supplied to M&M for further assembling in their Utility vehicles.

Minda SAI has two weeks of Induction training program for the new operator; same is implemented for the inmates. All inmates have to go through On Job Training and continual supervision by the Minda SAI representative for 2 months. These training sessions help inmates in recognizing their caliber and then the training certificate is also given by the company, which will help them to acquire job outside the YCP.

To ensure the discipline of Jail, the raw material entry and the dispatch of finished product has been kept under the control of Minda SAI for smooth execution of work. To facilitate this entire process, few employees are fully deployed at the Jail; thus smoothing up the complete coordination and assuring Quality process. The Management team also visits this unit on a frequent basis to ensure the system & policy deployment in accordance to the Company’s requirement.

Spark Minda, Ashok Minda Group has been involved in Community Development initiatives since decades. The YCP project is the third initiative of the group. They launched a similar project for Tihar Jail inmates for assembling wire harness in April 2014. A very similar project was initiated in 2005 in Dresden Jail by MKTSN Pirna, Germany. The CSR ventures of the Group were started by Late Shri SL Minda under the umbrella of Moga Devi Minda Charitable Trust 1987. Minda Balgram- A child Home for Homeless; SL Minda Seva Kendra- Skill Training Center; Moga Devi Minda Memorial School- A School in village set up and SL Minda Sports Academy are some of the major initiatives under the trust.

In continuation to the legacy of a responsible corporate citizenship, the CSR activities being taken at the group are derived from the triple bottom line model of People, Planet and Profit. Ensuring environment sustainability with community care are the thematic divisions, surrounding which the CSR activities are planned and executed across the Group. Education; Vocational Training and Livelihood promotion; Health and Sanitation; Care for differently abled; Environment Sustainability and Women Empowerment are current broader head of intervention across the Group. To implement the CSR projects Minda Corporation Limited has recently established Spark Minda Foundation, which is as section 8 Company and is a CSR wing of the Spark Minda, Ashok Minda Group.





·         Neil Hawgood in his earlier stint has served as the Chief Coach of the Indian women’s hockey team

·         Under his guidance the Indian women’s team has had many notable successes

New Delhi, Oct 29th 2015: Hockey India, the apex organisation governing field hockey in India, has announced the return of Neil Hawgood, who in his earlier stint has served as the Chief Coach of the Indian Women’s Hockey team. Neil’s return will see the seasoned professional join the Coaching Team of the Indian women’s team as they prepare for the Rio Olympics 2016. Neil contribution towards enhancing the performance and ranking of Indian Women’s Hockey team has been noteworthy, as it was only during his regime where the team won the Hockey World League Round 2 (2013), Silver in the Asian Champions Trophy, bronze medal at Asian Games 2014 and also bagged 5th position at Commonwealth Games 2014.

Neil Hawgood, has himself been a famed hockey player representing Australia’s senior team from 1985-1991. It was during this time that Australia won Gold and Bronze Medals in the 1986 and 1990 FIH World Cup’s respectively. He has also represented Australia in the Champions Trophy and in the Seoul Olympics 1988 where Australia finished fourth. He in his other assignments has represented the Australian Institute of Sport and various local field hockey clubs from Queensland and Brisbane. He embarked on his coaching career from 1993 where his most notable assignments have been as the Assistant Coach of the Australian Women’s team, Head Coach of the Malaysian hockey team, and Chief Coach of the Indian Senior and Junior women’s team from 2012-2014. Neil also has been the full time hockey coach for West Australian Institute of Sport, both men’s and women’s program.

Speaking on his return as a Coach for Indian Women’s Hockey program, Mr. Neil Hawgood said, “Working with the Indian Women’s Hockey team has been a great experience. I am extremely proud of their performance and am glad that they secured a spot for themselves for the Rio Olympics 2016. It’s their hard work that has brought them here, and I hope to add value to them and take them to the next level which they and this nation aspires to see them in.”

Speaking ahead of this announcement, Dr. Narinder Dhruv Batra, President, Hockey India said, “We are happy to have Neil Hawgood back with us on board as a Coach for the Indian Women’s Hockey Program. Under Neil’s able leadership, the Indian women’s hockey team had progressed extremely well in the last two-and-half years and we look forward to a similar and much enhanced result in Indian Hockey Team’s ranking and performance.”

Indian Women’s Hockey team is positioned at 13th rank. Indian Women’s Hockey team qualifies for Rio Olympics after a long gap of 36 years.




Shiv Naresh


Paris, 28 November—Hungary will host this year’s World Science Forum, from 4 to 7 November. The Forum has been held every other year since 2003 serving as a platform for exchange between the scientific community and society. The theme of this year event will be “the enabling power of science.”

The World Science Forum will be the first major international science event since the recent adoption by the United Nations General Assembly of new Sustainable Development Goals for 2015-20130. It will seek to highlight the ability of science to improve human lives and the life of our planet.

“The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development embodies a new vision for humanity, for the planet, for peace, for the next 15 years – science stands at its heart as a force for positive transformation and a development multiplier,” said the Director-General of UNESCO Irina Bokova in her message for this year’s world Science Day for Peace and Development.

Jᮯs der, the President of Hungary, will be among the distinguished roster of some 500participants, scientists, decision-makers, industry leaders and representatives of civil society who will express their views on the new challenges facing science in the 21st century.

The Forum is hosted by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in partnership with UNESCO, the International Council for Science (ICSU), the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), The World Academy of Science (TWAS) and the European Academies Science Advisory Council (EASAC).

You are cordially invited to cover the following event:

Event The Minister of State (I/C) for Petroleum and Natural Gas Shri Dharmendra Pradhan will be the Chief Guest & inaugurate the Expert Workshop on ‘Carbon Emission Management: Upstream & Downstream Best Practices and Opportunities’ organized byPetroleum Federation of India. As per the details:
Date Thursday, 29 October 2015
Time 09.30 AM
Venue The Lalit Hotel, Barakhamba Avenue, Connaught Place,         New Delhi


Eubiq’s First Ever Retail Concept Store
       @ POC Center , House N ,
Mondeal business  Park
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ahemdabad 380059 , Gujarat , india

RH1 On Conference Table

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Solution for Conference Table & Meeting Tables
Eubiq Track base System is the world’s first-of-its-kind electrical power outlet system that is practical, safe, and simply beautiful!
Our innovative track capable system allows you to
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RH1 on conference table


Finance Minister launches the digital initiative

“e-Sahyog” pilot project to facilitate taxpayers

The “e-Sahyog” project launched on a pilot basis is aimed at reducing compliance cost, especially for small taxpayers. The objective of “e-Sahyog” is to provide an online mechanism to resolve mismatches in Income-tax returns of those assesses whose returns have been selected for scrutiny, without visiting the Income Tax Office

The Income-tax Department is committed to the ‘Digital India’ initiative of the Government of India. The Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitley launched an “e-Sahyog” pilot project which furthers the Department’s commitment to work in an e-environment and reduces the need for the taxpayer to physically appear before tax authorities.

The “e-Sahyog” project launched on a pilot basis is aimed at reducing compliance cost, especially for small taxpayers. The objective of “e-Sahyog” is to provide an online mechanism to resolve mismatches in Income-tax returns of those assesses whose returns have been selected for scrutiny, without visiting the Income Tax Office. Under this initiative the Department will provide an end to end e-service using SMS, e-mails to inform the tax assesses of the mismatch. The taxpayers will simply need to visit the e-filing portal and log in with their user-ID and password to view mismatch related information and submit online response on the issue. The responses submitted online by the taxpayers will be processed and if the response and other information are found satisfactory as per automated closure rules, the issue will be treated as closed. The taxpayers can check the updated status by logging in to the e-filing portal. These initiatives of the Department are expected to significantly reduce the burden of compliance on taxpayers and enhance the taxpayers‟ satisfaction.

The Hon’ble Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitley also inaugurated a drive to provide public service at peoples door step by holding “special PAN camps in remote areas”. Under this campaign, special PAN camps are being held over two days at forty- three remote, semi urban and rural locations across India in the first instance to facilitate obtaining of PAN card by persons residing in such areas. The camps will ease the burden of compliance for persons residing in remote, semi urban and rural areas who wish to enter into transactions of purchase or sale above rupees one lakh and will be required to quote PAN as announced by the Finance Minister in his Budget Speech 2015-16.

In addition, the Government of India has constituted a Committee with a view to simplify the provisions of the Income Tax Act, 1961. The Terms of Reference (ToR) of the Committee shall be as follows:

·         To study and identify the provisions/phrases in the Act which are leading to litigation due to different interpretations;

·         To study and identify the provisions which are impacting the ease of doing business;

·         To study and identify the areas and provisions of the Act for simplification in the light of the existing jurisprudence;

·         To suggest alternatives and modifications to the existing provisions and areas so identified to bring about predictability and certainty in tax laws without substantial impact on the tax base and revenue collection;


Dear Naresh, 

Dr. Abdul Kalam’s house is being evacuated and given to Culture Minister Mahesh Sharma, who was in the news recently for his “sexist and discriminatory comments”.

“Within days, there will be no trace of Dr. Kalam’s life in that house,” says Bhagwan.

Sign his petition asking for this evacuation to be stopped and set up an International Knowledge Centre in Dr. Kalam’s name instead.

Narendra Modi, Venkaiah Naidu: Don’t Insult Dr. Abdul Kalam! Make his Delhi home a Knowledge Centre.

Bhagwan Singh
Dr. Abdul Kalam’s residence, where he spent his last years in New Delhi, is being evacuated. Within days, there will be no trace of Dr. Kalam’s life in that house. This house is now going to be given as residence for Culture Minister Mahesh Sharma.Thousands of Dr. Kalam’s books and documents that he worked on through his life, the Veena that he often played, arebeing boxed up, so that Culture Minister Mahesh Sharma,who has been in the news recently for his sexist and discriminatory comments, can move in.

I’m shocked and appalled at this dishonour.

Sign my petition asking the Government of India establish an ‘Dr. Abdul Kalam International Knowledge Centre’ to honour Dr. Kalam.

Moving Dr. Kalam’s work to the small town of Rameswaram is one of the biggest insults to the legacy of one of our greatest Presidents, who spent his last years inspiring the youth to contribute for the good of society.

We do not have much time. On Oct 31, 2015, the house of Dr. Kalam will be vacated. Sign my petition and share this with your networks. If we build enough public support, we can save Dr. Kalam’s house from turning into another ordinary residence.

Setting up ‘Dr. Abdul Kalam International Knowledge Centre’at 10, Rajaji Marg, and opening it to general public, will serve as auniversal destination for scholars, scientists and students where Dr. Kalam’s work will give practical and inexpensivesolutions for our most critical issues.

This is the best way to honour a true patriot and the legend that was President Abdul Kalam, who selflessly served the country till his very last breath.

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Chinese President Xi Jinping has sent messages of condolences to his counterparts in both Pakistan  & Afghanistan over a powerful earthquake that so far claimed over 360 people.

The magnitude-7.8 earthquake with a depth of 210 km hit Hindu Kush mountain range in northern Afghanistan at 0909 GMT on Monday, according to China Earthquake Networks Center, with strong tremors felt in Pakistan and India.

In his message to Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, Xi said China and Afghanistan share a traditional friendship and the Chinese people are saddened by the losses of life and property in Afghanistan in the earthquake.

Meanwhile, in his message to Pakistani President Mamnoon Hussain, Xi said that China and Pakistan are all-weather strategic partners of cooperation and the Chinese people also feel the pains of the Pakistani people in the face of the disaster.

The Chinese leader pledged to provide the two countries assistance if needed, expressing the belief that the two countries can overcome the aftermath of the disaster and rebuild their homelands.Xenhua


Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: cid:image001.png@01CD7A2A.808EF500

●     AirAsia introduces daily direct flights from Kota Kinabalu – Wuhan (BKI-WUH)

●     All-in fares from RM88* one way, book now till 1st November 2015, travel period from 22nd January to 29th October 2016.

KUALA LUMPUR, 27 OCTOBER 2015 – AirAsia, the world’s best low-cost airline for seven consecutive years, has launched a new daily route from Kota Kinabalu to Wuhan (BKI – WUH), which is expected to begin operations on 22nd January 2016.

Book seats for this new BKI – WUH route from RM88* one way, inclusive of taxes and fees onairasia.com from now until 1st November 2015. Guests are able to travel from 22nd January – 29th October 2016 through the introductory price promotion.

Spencer Lee, Head of Commercial for AirAsia Berhad said, “We want to continue putting Malaysia at the forefront of connecting Asean to other parts of Asia. By introducing the BKI – WUH route, we are enabling our passengers to connect to the bustling Central Chinese capital from East Malaysia as well as other countries via our Fly-Thru service. We also believe that the direct flight between Kota Kinabalu and Wuhan will further spur tourism between the two cities, which brings great advantage to the East Malaysia hub, and strengthening both the Friendship Cities.”

Wuhan is the capital of the Hubei province in Central China and is the most populous city in the area. Wuhan is a gateway to historical attractions like the Ancient Chibi Battlefield also known as the Red Cliffs, depicting the epic war during The Three Kingdoms dynasty; Enshi Grand Canyon, a natural site with unparalleled views; and the Yandi Shennong Mountain, one of the best preserved primeval forest zones in China. In Wuhan itself, tourists can enjoy theYellow Crane Tower, an ancient tower which has been destroyed and rebuilt multiple times but still maintains its old world charm; and the Wuchang lake, which is the largest lake within a city in China.

AirAsia has a total of 18 direct routes from its Kota Kinabalu hub with the Wuhan route as the latest addition. In 2014 alone, the Kota Kinabalu hub has served over 3.7 million passengers for both domestic and international flights. Guests travelling from Kota Kinabalu can also connect to 11 countries via Fly-Thru service as well.

Boletín de Nuevatribuna
Boletín informativo. Miércoles 28 de Octubre 2015.
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Portada Opinión Política Economía Internacional Sociedad Cultura Sanidad
¿Puede actuar el Senado para aplicar el artículo 155 con las Cortes disueltas? ÓRDAGO SOBERANISTA EN CATALUÑA
¿Puede actuar el Senado para aplicar el artículo 155 con las Cortes disueltas?
Los expertos constitucionalistas discrepan pero los hay que defienden la legitimidad de la Diputación Permanente para poner en marcha el proceso de impugnación.
Rajoy defiende el “cambio de cara en España pese a la pobreza y desigualdad UN DISCURSO ELECTORALISTA Y TRIUNFAL
Rajoy defiende el “cambio de cara” en España pese a la pobreza y desigualdad
Consejo de Ministros extraordinario, convocatoria de las generales para el 20 de diciembre y una comparecencia ante la prensa marcadamente triunfalista del presidente del Gobierno dan el…
Más del 70% de los afiliados a IUCM no se ha reafiliado a la nueva organización LA FEDERACIÓN FUE DISUELTA EN JUNIO
Más del 70% de los afiliados a IUCM no se ha reafiliado a la nueva organización
Militantes de la antigua IU de Madrid denuncian que, con el apoyo de la dirección federal, “Plataformas de dudosa trayectoria política pretenden tomar el relevo de las…
La tira de la semana
Al grano Al grano
Consumidores celebran que la UE reclame a la banca que devuelva lo cobrado por las ‘cláusulas suelo’ SE ESPERA PRONUNCIAMIENTO DE LA JUSTICIA EUROPEA
Consumidores celebran que la UE reclame a la banca que devuelva lo cobrado por las ‘cláusulas suelo’
El informe de la Comisión Europea supone un espaldarazo claro para la devolución íntegra del dinero cobrado de más a los afectados por cláusula suelo.
Economía | Laboral
‘Entre 2009 y 2014 el gasto público en España se ha recortado en 50.000 millones de euros’ LA CONSOLIDACIÓN FISCAL COMPROMETIDO NO SE PUEDE CUMPLIR
‘Entre 2009 y 2014 el gasto público en España se ha recortado en 50.000 millones de euros’
Un estudio del Gabinete Económico de CCOO revela los efectos de unas políticas de austeridad con las que se pretenden cuadrar las cifras, ignorando las consecuencias sociales que…
La crisis dispara la desigualdad entre salarios en Madrid INFORME CCOO
La crisis dispara la desigualdad entre salarios en Madrid
Un 16% los asalariados madrileños perciben menos de 700 euros al mes y el 25% no son ni siquiera mileuristas.
Quim González Muntadas : El sindicalismo, un territorio para innovar
Los sindicalistas saben que su principal riesgo reside en las dificultades que enfrenta para atender con eficacia los profundos cambios que está viviendo el mundo del trabajo.
Toxo y Sartorius coinciden en la necesidad de globalizar el sindicalismo CLAUSURA DEL II CONGRESO TRABAJO, ECONOMÍA Y SOCIEDAD
Toxo y Sartorius coinciden en la necesidad de globalizar el sindicalismo
Para el secretario general de CCOO, el sindicato no puede enfrentarse cada uno por su lado ni solo a las políticas europeas que se aplican en cada país. “La…
7 gastos que puedes deducir con el alquiler de una vivienda ¿VENDER O ALQUILAR?
7 gastos que puedes deducir con el alquiler de una vivienda
Cada día más propietarios de viviendas optan por alquilar su vivienda en vez de venderla. Es importante conocer cuales son las deducciones de gastos que pueden aplicar en el…
Eugenio Hernández: Los pecados de la carne
A los carnívoros irredentos nos queda el sentido común para evitar alarmismos y el sentido del humor para relativizar los peligros.
Javier López: Un gobierno indolente
He visto muchas veces la pasión que desatan las más absurdas declaraciones públicas, mientras que los debates presupuestarios pasan sin pena ni gloria.
Cristo con martillo vertical y hoz horizontal OPINIÓN
Cándido Marquesán Millán: Cristo con martillo vertical y hoz horizontal
El regalo de Evo Morales al Papa Francisco ha sido criticado duramente desde la oposición boliviana y en determinados sectores reaccionarios del catolicismo.
José Andrés Torres Mora: La senadora que se negó a votar
Hace un par de meses leí que la primera senadora de uno de los nuevos partidos del panorama político había decidido no votar sobre ningún tema que no conociera.
José Luis López Bulla: Privatizarlo todo: desde la Justicia hasta las calles
En sus obras más representativas el profesor Rothbard plantea una total desestatalización mediante una privatización total, ´universal´ de todo lo que es…
Pascual Mogica Costa: Fue después de lo de Irak
Es evidente que aquello fue un tremendo y trágico error, mal intencionado y peor llevado a efecto por sus inconsistentes argumentos.
Críticas al alcalde de Sevilla por jurar como ‘hermano mayor honorario’ de una cofradía ACUSAN A JUAN ESPADAS DE INCUMPLIR LA CONSTITUCIÓN
Críticas al alcalde de Sevilla por jurar como ‘hermano mayor honorario’ de una cofradía
“¿A quién tenemos que hacer caso antes de ir a votar el 20D: A Pedro Sánchez o al alcalde socialista de Sevilla?”, se pregunta Sevilla Laica.
Víctor Moreno: Sr. Sánchez, ¿habla en serio?
Hasta ahora el PSOE se ha pasado el carácter laico del Estado por el arco de sus pantorrillas.
¿Quién fiscaliza a la iglesia católica? LAICISMO | ENRIQUE RUIZ DEL ROSAL
¿Quién fiscaliza a la iglesia católica?
El dinero que reciben del Estado las autoridades eclesiásticas españolas nunca ha sido fiscalizado por dicho Tribunal, al contrario que partidos políticos, sindicatos u…
A propósito de la donación de Amancio Ortega a la Sanidad gallega DEFENSA DE LA SANIDAD PÚBLICA
A propósito de la donación de Amancio Ortega a la Sanidad gallega
Para participar en el negocio sanitario, las empresas del Ibex 35 están infiltrando la sanidad y la investigación públicas a través de Centros y fundaciones creadas…
La sal, un asesino silencioso SALUD
La sal, un asesino silencioso
Existe una relación directa entre el consumo de sal de una población y la prevalencia de hipertensión arterial y sus secuelas.
Mercado de Legazpi: un edificio con vocación de ciudad MADRID | URBANISMO
Mercado de Legazpi: un edificio con vocación de ciudad
Eduardo Mangada, Sergio Martín Blas y Gabriel Carrascal | El edificio del antiguo Mercado de Frutas y Verduras de Legazpi, por su localización en la trama urbana de…
Cultura premia a la escuela taurina a la que Carmena quitó la subvención CON EL PREMIO NACIONAL DE TAUROMAQUIA DE 2015
Cultura premia a la escuela taurina a la que Carmena quitó la subvención
El ayuntamiento de Madrid considera que la aportación anual que recibe la escuela es desproporcionada en comparación con otras actividades culturales o deportivas de mayor…
América Latina
Argentina, el día después CRÓNICA DESDE BUENOS AIRES
Argentina, el día después
El escenario político cambió radicalmente tras las elecciones del domingo, aunque la primera vuelta no logró definir presidente.
Patria o Macri… Veremos ELECCIONES ARGENTINA
Patria o Macri… Veremos
El candidato neoliberal del Frente Cambiemos disputará la presidencia de Argentina en balotaje ante Daniel Scioli, del Frente Para la Victoria.
Vicenç Navarro: Los enormes costes del olvido histórico: el caso Companys
Este artículo denuncia la manipulación que han hecho los independentistas de la figura de Lluís Companys, que fue President de la Generalitat durante la Segunda…
El imperialismo occidental en China HISTORIA
El imperialismo occidental en China

Esta es la historia de cómo el imperialismo occidental terminó con la soberanía de un Estado antaño todopoderoso, la China del siglo XIX.

Está recibiendo este boletín tras solicitar este servicio a través de la web Nuevatribuna En cualquier momento puede modificar o cancelar su suscripción accediendo a esta dirección.
Información continua y análisis para una ciudadanía comprometida con los valores de libertad, igualdad y justicia.


Though the United States insists that it won’t take positions on the South China Sea issue, all of its actions seem to be targeting China – a naval destroyer sailing within 12 nautical miles off China’s Nansha islands is the latest example.

An Associated Press report quoted a U.S. defense department official as saying that “we will fly, sail, and operate anywhere in the world that international law allows.”

We should give “credit” to Uncle Sam. As an irrelevant party in the dispute, the country has spared no effort to create fanfare in the South China Sea, accusing China of harming navigational freedom, though evidence has seldom been presented on how harm was done or how shipping lanes have been threatened by China’s island construction, which is primarily used for creation of two lighthouses.

China’s sovereignty over the Nansha Islands and its adjacent waters is “irrefutable,” said Lu Kang, a spokesman of the foreign ministry when commenting on the incident, adding China will respond to any deliberate provocation by any country.

It is understandable for the U.S. to be posturing as a defender of world order, as it always claimed to do so, for itself or for its allies, but sending warships and planes to the islands may have stepped out of the line. Worse still, it is counterproductive to the solution of the disputes.

Such “a show of military force” may only demonstrate its intention to militarize the sea and has weakened trust and ran counter to the consensus the two global giants have built on fostering a new type of major-country relations, said Yang Yujun, a spokesman for the Defense Ministry on Tuesday.

Aside from adding tension to the situation, what’s the meaning of this move? Just to protest China’s island construction? By sending warships to the area, the U.S. may also embolden some claimant countries, which have been deluged with nationalism.

China will not use force recklessly, even when it comes to issues related to territory and sovereignty, said vice chairman of China’s Central Military Commission Fan Changlong at a security forum earlier this month.

But “not using force recklessly” does not mean China will renounce the use of force. Misinterpretation by the U.S. may cause more miscalculation and could lead to crisis.

Both the Chinese and U.S. people should not forget the mid-air collision between a U.S. reconnaissance plane and a Chinese fighter jet in China’s Hainan Island airspace in 2001, during which a Chinese pilot was killed.

That tragedy was caused by the prolonged adoption of a “cold-war mentality” by the U.S., which led it to monitor China’s every activity.

Such incidents may take place again if the U.S. does not discard its stereotypes of China, though the results may become more unpredictable.

A U.S. P-8A anti-submarine and maritime surveillance aircraft flew over waters off China’s Nansha Islands in May, receiving repeated Chinese warnings.

The U.S. should not be overconfident about its ability to steer clear of collision. The sea is no less safe than the airspace. If history can serve as a guide, it should remind people how U.S. cruiser Yorktown was bumped by former Soviet frigate Bezzavetnyy in the Black Sea in 1988, though the U.S. was also exercising its “innocent passage” right.



Greetings of the Day!
You are cordially invited for Eleventh in the series of ‘Art Episodes’  – Women Priosners to be held on 30th October at Oxford Bookstore, N81 Connaught Place, 6pm 
Prisoners too have rights. Whatever the offence might be, they are liable to get the basic amenities in prison. It becomes especially hard in cases of women prisoners, when they are physically or mentally harassed.Are our jails equipped to deal with such cases? What are the rules of safeguarding women in prison? Who do they turn up to for psychological support? How does the government ensure sensible and humane approach in the treatment of women prisoners? 
Panellist :
Rahul Mehra : Eminent Lawyer, Sports Activist
Sana Das : Coordinator of the prison reform programme, CHRI
Do come for an insightful discussion.
Inline image 1
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Pioneers in personal mobility devices create new benchmark in Green Personal transportation


New Delhi, October 27, 2015: Bird Mobility is all set to raise the bar in Green Personal Transportation with addition of new products to its portfolio of personal mobility devices. The company will now get into the small electric vehicle segment and will be exclusive distributors of the Gocycle, Ninebot products, Bird Board Drifter scooter, Acton’s M scooter, Rocket skate and Blink (power skate board) in addition to the Segway Personal Transporter (PT).

With an international perspective and based on global market, Bird Mobility has focused on leading the innovation and technology reform of the smart transportation products in India. Today, Bird Mobility products address the concerns of urban congestion and pollution and have successfully become the first personal smart transportation for families.

“The growing concerns over traffic, rising pollution levels as well as increasing health awareness amongst people has resulted in a growing demand for personal mobility devices in India. At Bird Mobility we focus on offering innovative solutions by bringing in best global brands that are known for developing safe, unique products thus redefining personal transportation for consumers and businesses in India”, shared Rony Abraham, Business Head – Bird Mobility

The company will introduce the Gocycle, an automotive designed, lightweight electric bicycle and Bird Board, an electric self-balancing skateboard. Additionally, they will also add to the small electric vehicle (SeV) segment with the Segway Personal Transporters GEN II Special Edition Models, Ninebot E and Ninebot One that are smaller versions of Bird Segway Personal Transporter (PT). The products will be made available to customers across India via a robust network of authorized resellers and dealers appointed by Bird Mobility. Soon these products will also be available online to customers through a dedicated e-Commerce Platform as well as existing e-Commerce platforms. In addition Bird Mobility will also provide full warranties and aftersales services for all products through their flagship service centres and network of resellers across India.

About Bird Mobility

Bird Mobility has pioneered in selling personal mobility devices in Indian markets with selling Segway Personal Transporters (PTs) as their Exclusive Distributor for India Markets. Today, Bird Mobility is focused on serving the customers by developing safe, unique products that redefine personal transportation for consumers and businesses. Further keeping in mind the requirements like traffic concerns, rising pollution levels, health & fitness fanatics etc. Bird Mobility presents a wide range of mobility product options like Segway PT, Ninebot, Gocycle, Bird Board Drifter scooter, Acton’s M scooter, Rocket skate and Blink (power skate board), for markets in India.