Bangladesh Rivers Rising

Major rivers of Bangladesh rising

All the major rivers of Bangladesh are showing an increase in water levels following heavy rain upstream during the last 24 hours.

According to the Bangladesh Water Development Board all the major rivers in the country including  Dharla, Teesta, Brahmaputra and Jamuna may show increasing water levels over the next 72 hours. Teesta and Dharla rivers are likely to cross the danger level in the next 24 hours.

The Flood Forecasting and Warning Centre (FFWC) has forecast heavy rains in northern Bangladesh during the next 72 hours. In the bulletin issued by the FFWC at 3 p.m. on Friday, Teesta river is reported to be flowing above the danger level at Dalia. Surma in the Meghna basin is flowing above the danger mark at Kanaighat and Sunamganj amid growing trends for many rivers in the Brahmaputra, Meghna  and Ganga basins. 

Lebanon economy meltdown


Lebanon Covid and economic meltdown leaves country on the brink of collapse. Lebanon‘s crippled economic has put the country “on the brink”, with one of its top doctors warning that medical supplies in hospitals across the nation have reached critical levels.

Lebanon’s economy is in shambles. Its failure to implement the political and economic reforms needed for a bailout from the International Monetary Fund means it may have no choice but to turn to China for aid.

Lebanon’s economy is in shambles, threatening to join Zimbabwe or Venezuela as one of the world’s terminal economic disasters. Since October 2019, the Lebanese pound has lost 80 percent of its value and plummeted from its fixed exchange rate of 1,500 to the U.S. dollar to 8,000 last week on the black market. 

Sayyed Nasrallah declared that #Hezbollah will mobilize all its institutions/sectors to build a productive agricultural and industrial economy and the effort exerted in this regard will be no less than the effort exerted during our wars of liberation

Indo-US DM Review co-operation

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh and US Defence Secy Mark Esper review bilateral defence co-operation between both countries

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh and United States Defence Secretary Mark Esper reviewed bilateral defence co-operation between both the countries today. Mr. Singh during a telephonic conversation with his US counterpart this evening discussed issues of mutual interest.

The two leaders have been in regular touch with each other.
The conversation held today, on Mark Esper’s request, was in continuation of this mutual exchange between India and the United States.

Singapore Votes

Singapore Elections Department have announced that voting hours are being extended from 20:00 local time to 22:00 due to reports of long queues outside polling stations.

Singapore extends voting by two hours. Polling stations to close at 10pm today.

Singaporeans today vote in the general election but with masks and gloves on to stem the spread of the infection. 

After a nine-day campaign that took place mostly online as rallies were banned to cut the risk of infection, voters cast their ballots with a raft of strict safety measures in place.

Polls opened at 8:00 am (0000 GMT) and will close at 8:00 pm, with final results expected early on Saturday.

Voters have been given recommended time slots in which to cast ballots, with senior citizens the first to head to the ballot box in the morning.

The People´s Action Party (PAP), which has governed Singapore for six decades, is assured of victory but faces opposition with some popular candidates backed by the estranged brother of the country´s premier.

The affluent financial hub had seen large virus outbreaks in dormitories housing low-paid foreign workers, but with new infections slowing and authorities easing a partial lockdown, the government decided to call the poll.

The opposition has accused the PAP of being “irresponsible”, but officials insist they have done enough to ensure the 2.65 million eligible voters can cast their ballots safely.

“I think (the measures) should be enough for everyone to be safe… I think everything should be fine,” 22-year-old voter Terence Ng told AFP.

But long queues formed in some places because of the gauntlet of extra checks, and officials urged people to check the situation at their polling stations before setting off to vote.

There are 2.65 million voters registered to vote in 1,100 polling stations across the island nation. They will choose 93 MPs in 17 group representation constituencies (GRC) – which are meant to ensure multiracial representation in the parliament of Singapore, where ethnic Chinese make up the majority of the population – and 14 single-seat wards.

Belgrade protest on Covid

Serbian authorities on Thursday banned gatherings of more than 10 people in the capital, Belgrade, after two nights of violent clashes between police and thousands of demonstrators protesting coronavirus lockdown measures.

Thousands of people defied the authorities ban to stage a sit down protest Thursday night in front of Parliament, along with other peaceful gatherings in towns elsewhere in Serbia.

Protesters appeared wearing white T-shirts with the inscription, “Sit Down, Don’t Be Set Up” claims to voice ,the violence of the previous nights was staged by hooligan groups close to the authorities to smear the opposition groups’ image.

Protesters in Belgrade have lambasted the government’s fumbling efforts to combat the coronavirus pandemic and flocked at parliament.

People are tired of government corruption, nepotism, and incompetence.Thousands in #Belgrade & across multiple cities in #Serbia are protesting last night’s excessive violence by riot police

A press brief by President Aleksandar Vucic delivered in the characteristic slow and mournful tone with a lot of bombastic imagery, could be boiled down to to the following message: Serbia will reimpose lockdown measures and long curfews to fight the rapidly spreading coronavirus outbreak.      

Thousands flocked to downtown Belgrade, including many youths and young couples. The protesters pelted the police with flares, rocks and empty bottles, and a group of them managed to breach the parliament building. The security forces responded with overwhelming force and volleys of tear gas.

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Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon found dead

Seoul police have said that they found Mayor Park Won-soon’s body near the location where he had last used his cell phone. A frantic night-time search had been launched after his daughter reported him missing.

Police said in the early hours of Friday local time that they had located Park Won-soon’s body in Sungbuk-dong, a district in northern Seoul, the last location his cell phone had registered before being turned off. Park’s body was found in the hills, near a traditional restaurant and banquet hall.  

A major police search operation lasting around seven hours had focused on that area. Police gave no information on a possible cause of death, but did say that they had found no initial indications of foul play. 

His daughter had raised the alarm with police earlier in the day, saying that her father had left a “will-like” message and left the house without returning.

Later Friday, the Seoul government gave more details of Park’s final written note.

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Antonia Latin America Covid hot spot

More than 12 million COVID-19 cases and over 552,000 deaths worldwide


Latin America and the Caribbean are going through massive health, social and economic shocks, UN warns.

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said that a 9.1%contraction in GDP is expected this year in the region, which would be the largest in a century.

Latin American political leadershave tested positive for COVID-19. Jeanine Añez Chávez, the president of Bolivia, confirmed that she was infected with coronavirus. 

In a tweet, she said that she plans to stay in isolation for 14 days, after which she will get tested again. Chávez said that she would continue working from isolation.  

Her positive result comes at a time when Bolivia’s hospitals are overwhelmed by demand and struggling to admit COVID-19 patients. Bolivia currently has 42,984 cases

Latin America and the Caribbean have become a hot spot for the COVID-19.

U.N. chief said in a video and briefing report that a 9.1% contraction in GDP is expected this year in the region, which would be the “largest in a century.” “COVID-19 represents a massive health, social and economic shock with an immense human toll for the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean,” the report said.

Venezuela’s socialist party chief Diosdado Cabello, considered the second-most powerful person in the country after President Nicolas Maduro, said he too tested positive for COVID-19.   

Cabello said on Twitter that he is isolating and getting treatment. ”We will win!” he wrote, pledging to recover soon from the illness.  

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Taiwan’s WHO exclusion

Pompeo says Taiwan’s WHO exclusion shows it puts politics ahead of health.

 U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo explained Thursday (July 9) the reasons behind the country’s withdrawal from the World Health Organization (WHO), stressing the health body had demonstrated an inability to fulfill its fundamental mission by refusing Taiwan’s participation.

During a teleconference at the Foreign Press Center, Pompeo was asked by a CNA reporter about U.S. support for Taiwan’s inclusion in global health conversations and its stance on the WHO. He noted the WHO had constantly shown deficiencies that prevented it from ensuring the world’s safety during the coronavirus pandemic, largely due to influence from Beijing.

Pompeo criticized the WHO for its reluctance to identify China’s “patient zero” and hold the superpower accountable for the life-threatening pandemic. He added the organization’s decision to turn down Taiwan’s request to attend the World Health Assembly (WHA) as an observer was enough to prove its politicization of public health and show it was at Beijing’s beck and call.

Pompeo added that the U.S. had spent a significant amount of energy attempting to reform the WHO and invested US$500 million annually on the global health body. However, he said the day had come when it no longer made sense for the U.S. to continue its support, reported CNA.

WHO Set up covid panel

Time for self-reflection’: WHO sets up independent panel to review its handling of pandemic

‘Time for self-reflection’: WHO sets up independent panel to review its handling of pandemic

World Health Organization (WHO) said on Thursday that it was setting up an independent panel to review its handling of the Covid-19 pandemic and the response by governments.

Former New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark and former Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf have agreed to head the panel and choose its members, according to WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. He was speaking at a virtual meeting with representatives of the WHO’s 194 member states.

“This is a time for self-reflection,”Tedros said. WHO member states in May unanimously called for an evaluation of the global response to the pandemic.

The WHO said on Tuesday that its experts would travel to China on the weekend to prepare a study of the origins of the novel coronavirus and how it jumped from animals to humans. “The best place to start is clearly where the disease emerged in humans first,” said Mike Ryan, head of the WHO’s emergencies program

Series of explosion in Tehran

 IRIB news agency didn’t reveal the details of the blast, but cited social media reports as a source. Journalist Hasan Sari said that the blast allegedly targeted a missile facility of the IRGC.

Iran’s state owned news agency reported an explosion in the western part of capital city Tehran in the early hours of Friday.

Large explosion in Western Tehran, Iran. This comes after other sensitive sites were sabotoged in recent weeks in North, South, and East of Tehran

Large explosion in western Tehran.

A series of explosions have rocked the outskirts of the Iranian capital Tehran, as well as the cities of Garmdareh and Quds, Iranian media reported amid speculation that missile depots were the intended target.

Citing social media, the official news agency IRIB reported an explosion in western Tehran in the early hours of Friday local time. More explosions were reported in Garmdareh and Quds, the Mehr News Agency added.

The Saudi-based Al-Arabiya television reported that the explosion took place in missile depots of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), southwest of Tehran. Iranian officials have neither confirmed nor denied that claim as of yet.